Born in France in 1969, Emmanuel Dietrich is an artist and a designer.

Having grown up in a family of strong artistic tradition, with pianists, painters or poets as relatives and ancestors, he started to follow his intuition from a very young age on. Quickly, he developed a special bond to the art of crafting objects and to natural materials. Living on the French countryside during his childhood, Emmanuel Dietrich has always been very close to nature, as his family lived a very organic lifestyle.

After years spent in Paris and Hamburg, he eventually settled in Zürich, Switzerland, where his bond to nature only grew further. His passion for organic forms and curves has shaped his artistic identity, and is a constant force in his body of art.

Even though the material itself may be hard and sometimes rough, Emmanuel Dietrich has given himself the mission to transform it into soft and fluid forms that take away its heaviness. His forms embrace the smoothness of curves and wavy lines of the human body, with no harsh lines or rough edges, lending his objects a sensual and soft look and filling them with life.

He says: “I want the spectator to interact with my art. That is why I couldn’t be a painter, and that is why I like to do pieces of furniture, even if they are as abstract and irrational as sculptures. Because you are supposed to sit on a piece of furniture, to touch it, to give them patina from your continuous contact. And that is how I want my objects to be loved and experienced.”